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2018 Telcel Mexico City Marathon

2018 Telcel Mexico City Marathon

Telcel Mexico City Marathon is a joint project made possible by the Mexico City Major and the Sport Institute of Mexico City.

The XXXVI Telcel Mexico City Marathon will be held on 2018 bonding the major capitals where important marathons are observed with the participation of talented and important athletes.

Our efforts are centered in revisiting the Olympic route with to enhance and encourage runners in order to strengthen the touristic promotion of our City.

come and join us!

Telcel Mexico City Marathon 2018

When: Sunday, August, 26, 2018
Starting line: 20 de Noviembre Av. (Zócalo Capitalino)
Finishing line: Olympic University Stadium

Start Corrals

6:45 am Wheelchairs
6:50 am Women Elite
7:00 am Men Elite and all other long-distance runners


F.M.A.A.- Mexican Athletics Federation.
I.A.A.F.- International Association of Athletics Federations.
A.I.M.S- International Marathon and Long Distance-Race Association



The Mexico City Goverment through the Sport Institute have the honor to invite you to participate in the XXXV edition of the Telcel Mexico City Marathon. This athletic event will take place August 26, 2018. The start line will be located in Alameda Park and the Finish line in the Olympic Staduim. Along the route you will see a lot of historic sites, monuments and important buildings that represent Mexico City.

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Marathon Route


On the following list you will discover the 42K route of Mexico City Marathon, kilometer by kilometer.

Start 20 de Noviembre Ave.

1 km - Juárez Ave.
2 km - Paseo de la Reforma
3 km - Paseo de la Reforma
4 km - Paseo de la Reforma
5 km - Paseo de la Reforma
6 km - La Palma
7 km - Ángel de la Independencia
8 km - Mariano Escobedo St.
9 km - Thiers St.
10 km - Ejército Nacional Ave.
11 km - Ejército Nacional Ave.
12 km - Ejército Nacional Ave.
13 km - Soumaya Museum
14 km - Moliere St.
15 km - Masaryk Ave.
16 km - Masaryk Ave.
17 km - Mariano Escobedo Ave.
18 km - Gandhi Circuit.
19 km - Paseo de la Reforma
20 km - Paseo de la Reforma
21 km - Paseo de la Reforma



22 km - Bosque de Chapultepec
23 km - Bosque de Chapultepec
24 km - Bosque de Chapultepec
25 km - The Diana Sculpture
26 km - La Palma
27 km - Insurgentes Ave.
28 km - Chapultepec Ave.
29 km - Salamanca St.
30 km - Sonora St.
31 km - Ámsterdam St.
32 km - Nuevo León St.
33 km - Insurgentes Ave.
34 km - WTC Insurgentes
35 km - Insurgentes Bull Ring
36 km - Insurgentes Ave.
37 km - Insurgentes Ave.
38 km - Insurgentes Ave.
39 km - Insurgentes Ave.
40 km - Insurgentes Ave.
41 km - Insurgentes Ave.
42 km - University Olympic Stadium 


Medical Support

These stations will be comprised of:

  • Doctors and/or Paramedics
  • Nurses
  • 1 First aid Kit
  • 1 Medicine Kit
  • 1 Oximetre
  • 1 Pneumatic Splint Equipment
  • 1 Oxigen Tank
  • 1 Wheelchair
  • 1 Equiped stretcher.
  • 1 Cercival collar Thomas style.
  • Four Legal Medicine stations will be included on 10th, 20th, 30rd Kms and on Finishing Line



Signalling Protocols
Signs will be posted on an elevated style, every kilometer along the route every Kilometer will be signalized to portray: aid stations, Medical services, hot spots as well as the Hospitality network of Mexico City Marathon (Hotels and Restaurants).

The cloakrooms will be fixed according start corral (Starting Line). Their operation will be coordinated with the Secretary of Public Safety. They will dispose transportation onto Marathon Finishing Line, where you can pick up your belongings.

Please consider putting the necessary gear to be handy after the Marathon (clean jersey, slippers, cap/hat, jacket, etc.).

Belongings can be fetched at Parking Lot 8 inside the University Olympic Stadium with your running number as reference.

Toilet Facilities
Portable toilet areas will be set every 7.5 Kms: for men, women, and disabled; 100 will be placed on starting line and 100 at the University Olympic Stadium.

Aid Stations
Regarding hydration on 2.5 Km you will find water, on 5th Gatorade, 7.5th Km wáter, 10th Gatorade and so and so forth for each 2.5 kms onto finishing line where the recovery area is set. You will be pampered with massages and all the necessary assistance means for you to enjoy being a Finisher at the Mexico City Marathon.


Official Results

Marathon official results will be displayed on Saturday, August 27, 2017, 18:00 hrs. You will be able to check and print the official time certificate.

Your picture at the Finishing Line! - Pictures will be taken every 5k, runners can download them while checking their results. Pictures will also be taken all through finishing line crossings.

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